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Club Activities


Executive Members of this organization mainly deals with the authority and oversees the coordination among all the departments.


The logistics team does the planning and organizing of all events and practices to create the highest possible efficiency level within the organization.

Leadership & Communication

The Leadership team setting a new direction or vision for the organization that it follows, and the Communication team regulates the organization’s internal and external communication

Soft Skills Deelopment

Arranging various soft skills development workshops & Seminars, we prepare our members to fight the career battles


We incubate business ideas with the help of market leaders of different startups, launching peer-to-peer training opportunities.

Signature Events

We help our members to prepare and compete for real-life business cases, launching yearly signature events.


Mirza Hasanuzzaman
It is my pleasure to be the Chief Moderator of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Entrepreneurship Development Club (SAUEDC has organized many important events like seminar, workshop and start-up camp. Over the years, the dimensions of Entrepreneurship have been changed dramatically. 

Prof. Mirza Hasanuzzaman, PhD


Our Executives

nahid SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club



Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. In order to keep our economy increasing, we have to develop our agricultural sector to an extent where we not only satisfy local demand, but export too. To attain that goal, there’s no alternative of agricultural entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in general.
And SAUEDC has been trying to develop that sector by equipping undergraduate students with necessary skills to practice entrepreneurship and make a positive impact in the economy.

raivi SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club


General Secretary

In this age of 4th industrial revolution, to keep our economy in shape we have to give our undivided attention in developing agricultural sector. And in order to do this, there’s no better option than practicing agricultural entrepreneurship. And SAUEDC since it’s inception has been trying to do just that by promoting and practicing agricultural entrepreneurship and to make an impact in the society and in our economy.

Our Supporters


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We rendered 400+ young enthusiasts


We accomplished 13 successful events

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Our groomed EDCian achieved 9+ several competitions

Recent Events

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Most frequent questions and answers

SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club is an organization that helps students develop soft skills along with leadership qualities and prepares students for business and corporate life by solving business problems which will put students ahead in their future entrepreneurial and corporate life.

Club Day happens every week. There is a discussion on any relevant topic based on business, agricultural enterprise, corporate skills. Besides, on the day before the meeting, the students were given a business case via email and messenger chat group. So that the next day everyone can give an opinion about the case.

i) Organizing business related Institutional events i.e. workshops, seminars, industrial tours etc.

ii) Business competition proposal writing related programs, workshops etc

iii) Arranging various types of business competitions i.e. Marketing Plan, Financial Quiz, Case Competition etc. to evaluate our students and make them prepared for the national competitions and also arranging national level competition (i.e. BrainStorm, BiZStar) to form our own entity among the leading business schools

iv) Arranging corporate week once a year to orient students to the organizational culture

v) Regular discussion session to improve communication & presentation skills

vi) Publishing all types of institutional publications i.e. Newsletter, Annual Report, Souvenir, Resume Book etc.

i) Continuing our SAU education with bespoke events including talks with visiting SAU academics, corporate leaders, and government representatives

ii) Engaging the SAU community with outreach efforts to young entrepreneurs.

iiI) To broaden SAU students’ understanding of business and its complexities through various activities & events like Seminar, Workshop, Business Competition, Business Hackathon etc.

iv) Networking events with business corporate ventures will be arranged.


Phone: +8801521258296
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207