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Bootcamp Memories: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge


At a SAUEDC meeting one afternoon, tired from classes all day, Abdur Rahman Rafy Bhai(BYLC Campus Ambassador) said that the brothers from BYLC would come to talk about their next program. From there, I first learned about YEB(Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp). Since I had the experience of boot camping, I was very much excited to hear it. But when I saw the brochure and found out that Bootcamp would be outside of Dhaka, I was distraught. Because
parents might not permit me.

Then we teammates thought together that whatever it is, at least we can apply. Then we completed the registration process. Then came the day of that coveted interview. We performed well and were quite satisfied. A few days later, we found out by mail that our team was selected. My mind overwhelmed with joy, but at the same time, the fear of taking permission arrived. But fortunately, I successfully understood my parents about its importance, and they were sweet enough to permit.

Finally came that day, October 3, 2019. I boarded the train with my teammates and senior brothers, intending to go to Srimangal. That was my first visit without parents. It was my first-time travel with friends, buffet dinner in a five-star hotel, a campfire experience, and many more.

The four-day residential camp was held at Srimangal Tea Resort.BYLC has come up with a new platform for entrepreneurs with the three objectives of EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, and EXPRESS. After screening 5500 applicants, 200 potential young, energetic people got the opportunity to participate. We were in the second stage of the Bootcamp.

IMG 20191003 123657 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
A planned trip to Laurachora Forest

It was half-past eleven on the clock when we reached Srimangal. As the entering time was 3 pm in the resort, so we visited Lauyachhara National Park and had lunch in Hotel Pansi.

Entering the resort at 3 pm, we explored the resort’s enchanting atmosphere and were gifted with beautiful and necessary things for upcoming camp days. A car then took us the ‘Bangalow.’ My residence was in ‘Bangalow no.15’, the most beautiful and closest to the classroom.

IMG 20191003 154326 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
Stand Banner

The first session started at 5:30 pm with some rest. There we’re informed about the next three days’ plan, rules & regulations of the camp’s resort and restrictions. Then there was Ejjaj vai’s session. At 8 pm, that day ended like this.

The whole program was organized soundly by dividing it into various kinds of sessions. The funniest thing about the camp was that siren was played half an hour before starting every session. Every day, the meeting began at 8 am and ended at 10 pm. We had our break for breakfast at 7:30 am, snacks at 11:30 am, lunch at 1:00 pm, and again meals at 5:30 pm every day. Every tear was an excellent opportunity to escape in a world of unlimited delicious foods.

IMG 20191003 154400 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
Our Banglow

Break for prayer was also given each time. In each of the days, we have three sessions. The first one was from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. The second one was 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm and 7:30 to 9:00 pm for the last session. Then having our dinner at 10:00 am, everyone went back to their respective ‘Banglowes.’

Day 2, there were sessions of Ejaz Ahmed, President of BYLC, Adnin Mowrin, Deputy Manager, Operations & Marketing of BYLC, Almeer Ahsan Asif, Leadership Development, and Teaching Team, BYLC.

IMG 20191003 175248 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
Bootcamp Venue

On 3rd day’s morning, there was the shooting of video clips warning Bootcamp hoodies. Before the class started, there was group photography. The sessions began with deep dive into the business model canvas components and the principle of the pivot and lean startup. The session and workshops were conducted by Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish, Co-founder and MD, and Mahad ul Haque, Senior Business Analyst & Senior Business Consultant, and Light Castle Partners.

In the night, there were arrangements of a campfire, barbeque party, and cultural event. Both the participants and organizers performed according to their field of interest. Ahnaf and Sakib’s song, Munem’s poem, Shapla’s dance looked captivating under the open sky.

IMG 20191005 154137 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
Doing Task

The 4th day was the presentation day. Every team presented their ideas in front of investors. Demo fund was also given there. On that day, Mehad Ul Haque and Mr. Rubaiyat gave their speech.

At last, the graduation ceremony arrived, which took place at the Grand Sultan Hotel. Participants were taken by car, and everyone dressed formally. A certificate for participation was given to everyone. Akhter Moin Chowdhury, member of Governing body, BYLC, and Mijanur Rahman, Paragon Group, presented the ending speech. Some participants expressed their Bootcamp experience.

IMG 20191003 213154 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
Group Photo

After that, everyone became very busy taking photos-singles, teammates, tablemates, Bangalow-mates, and others. Also, the organizers and honorable guests posed for selfies with a smiling face throughout the camp. Amidst so many businesses throughout the whole day, we won’t get tired. Over and above, we’d start chatting back in the ‘Bangalow’ at night. Started gossiping about our desires, heavy talk about entrepreneurship, we ended up with disturbing the teammates were doing prank calls and much other fun.

IMG 0539 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
IMG 20191006 184657 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
IMG 20191006 185915 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club
IMG 20191006 214311 SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club

However, the four-day-long event ends up with the graduation ceremony. It seemed to me that four days had gone in the twinkle of an eye. The whole camp ended up with breakfast on October 7.