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SAUEDC celebrated National Agriculture Day and Nabanna Utsab-1426

Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University had celebrated ‘National Agriculture Day and Nabanna Utsab-1426’ with great enthusiasm on 15th November 2019. The day was celebrated by the rally, cake festival, agricultural painting exhibition, discussion meeting, and cultural program with the participation of social and cultural organizations of the university. Hundreds of people from different parts of the city gathered at the university campus to create an unprecedented scene. The rally was led by our vice-chancellor Kamal Uddin Ahmed Sir. At the rally, the students came in the guise of farmers. There is also an exhibition of agricultural machinery, agricultural technology, and placards with agricultural slogans.
SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club took part in the rally & Nabanna festival for the first time, this year. From the very beginning of the festival, we worked very hard to get the approval to set up our stall. Our moderator helped us a lot to get permission for celebrating the festival. 
SAUEDC got the stall no. 15. Our decoration team worked hard from the morning to decorate and design it very lucrative and fancy. We designed a thematic banner for the festival.  We used culture-based decoration items and arranged traditional PITHA, Juice, Halua, Payes, Pudding, etc. All are made by our club members.
After the inauguration and a cultural rally, authorities visited all the stalls of fellow clubs. Vice-chancellor, Prof. Kamal Uddin Ahmed amused to see our arrangements and thanked all the hard-working members. He offered us a royalty. It was such a nice experience for all the club members.
Then the cultural part of the festival had been started. Visitors and students visited our stalls and tried our Home Made items. We got huge responses from the visitors. The festival had been running till the evening.