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Free To Fire – “The Art of Public Speaking”

From the initialization of this club, we found our fear of talking in front of unknowns. We attend or participate in many online and offline activities and only lack behind other competitive participants regarding express our thoughts.
Public speaking is vital in both businesses, education, and also the public arena. There are many benefits to public speaking, whether you’re an individual or a company. If you fast forward to times, what was referred to as the Latin kind of speechmaking was popular within the U.S. and Europe until the mid-20th century. After world war II, however, a less formal and more conversational type of speaking began to become famous. Also, electronic tools became available to reinforce public presentations. Towards the end of the 20th century, those automated tools migrated to the pc and evolved into the computer software tools, like PowerPoint, that we all know and use today.
On 10 March 2020, we arranged a workshop on ‘The Art of Public Speaking’ with BYLC  and pre-registered 150 participated in that program, and before the seminar, they completed an online course from BYLCx. Two BYLC facilitators conducted the program. Zahidul Islam is the Intern of Bangladesh Youth Development Center.
The event was chaired by our chief moderator Prof. Dr. Mirza Hasanuzzaman. We also invited two special guests:  Awal Chowdhury Masud, Lecturer, Department of Agronomy, who is previously graduated from BYLC. And we got another special enthusiast guest, Mir Mohammad Ali, Lecturer, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.
Suriya Jaman, Treasurer of the SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club, anchored the program. Our President and General Secretary gave their valuable speeches after completing the training program. Our honorable moderator received a simple token of gratitude from BYLC.
From the Organizational Point of view, this program gives us the belief that enthusiastic participants await to overcome their lackings and want to work forward with us eagerly. BYLC showed their interest in making an MoU with the club just after the program. We are optimistic about reaching the highest position with our dedication and effort of the endeavor.