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The EntreDay 2.0 – Post-pandemic new era


Each new year brings us new hope, opportunity and all over a new start. With each passing year, we get to learn so many things from the mistakes we made previously which helps us to move forward towards a better future. 2022 has been a new start for SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club (SAUEDC) and for everyone surrounding us as the pandemic showed a downward curve. As the students of the 2021 session finally were able to join their undergraduate classes after waiting for so long, we were also excited to recruit new members. Thus, we went from classes to classes of every department asking newcomers about their future plans and dreams, explaining to them what our club does, how SAUEDC can help to prepare themselves for their career and fast-forwarding challenging job market. Then we asked some questions to all of them in every class, it was like a pop-quiz round and whoever answered those questions was awarded with a free form of our club. Furthermore, our club representatives also went to every hall of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University to represent our club and recruit new members. The whole recruitment procedure lasted for about 2 weeks. 

After the recruiting process, we arranged Entre Day 2.0 for our new members on 30th March, 2022. The program started at 5 PM. The chief guest of the program was our honorable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Md. Shahidur Rashid Bhuiyan and Treasurer Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Sir.

Furthermore, we had our moderator Prof. Dr. Mirza Hasanuzzaman Sir, our invited guest Abdul Awal Chowdhury Masud Sir (Assistant Professor, Department of Agronomy) and Rimjhim Akter (Senior Marketing Communication Executive, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre- BYLC)  was also present in the program to represent BYLC.

As Special guest, Sadman Sadik (Educator, Author, Chief content creator of 10 Minute School) was present in the program.

Our executives and all the committee members worked so hard throughout the whole day to arrange the program successfully and the program started right on time at 5 o’clock. 

As event opener, Sadman Sadik took a fabulous session where he discussed some FAQ’s being asked about career opportunities and how our agriculture sector can make revolutionary progress in the corporate sector as well. He also discussed current world trends and also enlightened everyone about the 4th industrial revolution and how we can play a big role in it. 

Later on, our honorable Treasurer Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Sir gave an aspiring speech about the necessity of clubbing in University life and his experience about clubbing in his academic life both in Bangladesh and abroad. 

After that, our club moderator Dr. Mirza Hasanuzzaman Sir told his perspective and role in the club and what contribution he makes for the club. Sir was pretty remorseful for the fact that he can’t contribute for the club as much as he wants to because of his busy schedule and as he isn’t an entrepreneur himself nor he has any experience relating to that. But the achievements of our club members and activities SAUEDC do for the betterment of our members and for our University makes him Proud. Also, according to him among all the clubs of our University, the activities of our club has the power to bring change in the society and he suggested all the new and old members of our club to be focused and keep on achieving success. 

Subsequently, Abdul Awal Chowdhury Masud sir and Rimjhim Akter shared their valuable experience and suggestions about how every fresher should approach their undergraduate life and how SAUEDC can help them in their future endeavors. 

Then, former club President Md. Enayet Ullah Rafi shared his experience of professional life and his memories tied with Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University. 

Lastly, our president Rakibul Islam gave his speech by sharing his view on SAUEDC and how he is feeling in his new role as president of the club. He also expressed his future plan with SAUEDC and ended the program along with his speech.