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Frequently Asked Questions​

We will tell you everything about SAUEDC

Dream . Think . Innovate

everything you need to know before Joining SAUEDC

I'm from agri/asvm faculty why should I join this club?

This club does not only cover business-related topics. Here students are being prepared for the fourth industry movement by focusing on leadership qualities development, communication skills enhancement, corporate etiquette development, agri-entrepreneurial friendly activities. SAUEDC is working to build entrepreneurial and business minds through the development of co-curricular skills outside the academic curriculum.

I want to be a government employee. How this club will be helpful to me?

Whether it is a government job or any other job, one's leadership qualities, professional skills, critical thinking, negotiation, soft skills are being used extensively. Nowadays, if many people do not express themselves differently, they will not be focused. And Those are some excellent skills. SAUEDC helps you to grow.

I want to be an entrepreneur in the future, how will the club help me in this case?

In every Club day, we discuss various business-related topics like how to find million-dollars ideas, how to create a business model canvas, how to do market research, how to develop financial model, idea pitching hacks, slide making tips, fundraising 101, Investment Rising, etc. are taught in the form of lessons at the weekly meetings of the club. Our panel of experts and alumni offer some professional-level courses. And every club day there is a case where we take everyone's opinion. Everyone presents their ideas, and it decreases their stage fright. We help them to work in a team that grows their leadership and networking skills. We help them to point-out problems that help them to think critically. We select the best ideas from them and appreciate them with a small token of gratitude. It motivates them. In this way, we expand the entrepreneurial mind of the students. We are also imparting practical knowledge to our students by including them part-time in various small business initiatives.


Some Rapid Answers you should know


What are the events SAUEDC arranged so far?

We have arranged Student To Startup: Chapter 1 Campus Round, our first freshers' orientation "EntreDay 1.0", International Seminar on "Agricultural Innovation", "The Art of Public Speaking". Workshop on Startup Talks with Mahmudul Hasan Likhon etc. These are some of our events in the last year.


Some Achievements of our members with the help of this club?

Winners are the real heroes. Besides, This club motivates some youngsters to step forward for achieving goals. Team MicroBeats won the title of Top 5 Startups in 2018 at Microsoft Young Bangla Summit. Apart from that, Team Rip became the Runners' Up team in "Student To Startup: Chapter 1", Team Rio and Greeniculture went in some StartUp competitions, accelerator programs and boot camps. AgroByte won the 1st Runners Up position in Megapreneurs 2.0


Tell me some organizations and companies you partnered with.

National Agricare LTD appreciated us since our establishment. They funded our EntreDay 1.0 in 2019. Then Bohubrihi partnered us with their e-learning Platform. They helped 100 students to access their premium contents without any payment. BYLC helped our entrepreneurs as well as they initiated "The Art of Public Speaking" event. International e-learning platform Coursera is helping 1500 students from SAU to access 3800+ courses for free. Smartifier Academy, Wadhwani Foundations are helping our students to learn corporate nutshell in a nutshell during this quarantine.


Tell us about the Humans of SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club.

The club was initiated by some changemakers, who are divided by faculty and united by minds. We don't know if they will become entrepreneurs or not. Still, they always think a step forward in their life, want to learn by practising, thought-provoking minds about the economy, business, entrepreneurship; always contributing to bear the name of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University among the top-notch universities of Bangladesh, so far.


Targets of SAUEDC soon.

We are still a baby club in the SAU. But we don't want to miss the opportunity to become a club of excellence. We Have a plan to launch big-budget signature events in SAU with the help of our authorities. We want to start a business accelerator and incubation centre, where top-notch student startups will get a floor to learn and practise entrepreneurship. We have a bigger vision to initiate some businesses from here where our members will be the share-holders.


Last, but not the least!

From the beginning of man kind entrepreneurship has been one of the most important skill for human. Now at this very age of modern technology entrepreneurship is required more than ever before. SAUEDC emphasizes on the Entrepreneurship skills along with leadership, communication and technological skills. This is how SAUEDC is going to contribute in building future entrepreneurs.