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The EntreDay 1.0 – Welcoming our first members


No organization can last long without the members and their active participation.

As a new organization, it was hard for us to collect members and receive them with warm greetings. Keeping all the difficulties aside, we were successful in arranging a freshers’ reception “The Entre Day 1.0” and welcome our fresh members warm-heartedly.

The program was held on campus premises, and our honorable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Kamal Uddin Ahamed, was the chief guest of this program. We were thrilled to have our Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Md. Sekender Ali as a special guest. It was very joyous to have Prof. Dr. Md. Anwarul Haque Beg, Treasurer, SAU, Prof. Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman, Director, Students Affairs, SAU, Prof. Dr. Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Moderator, SAU EDC as our honorable special guest. Mostafizur Rahman Shyamol, Managing Director and Founder, National Agricare, was our guest of honor.

Besides freshers’ reception, we arranged a session with young entrepreneurs to motivate our fresh recruited members. Mahmudul Hassan Likhon, CEO and Co-founder, Hellotask, Yanur Islam Piash, CEO, and Co-founder, Bohubrihi, were the guest speaker of the session.

The program will not be successful without the hard work and dedication of our panel members and the active participation of our newly recruited members.

The event would have been impossible without the assistance of our title sponsor: National Agricare, E-learning partner Bohubrihi and strategic partner We are still very thankful for them being part of our family.
Md Anaeth Ullah Rafi, President, SAU EDC, presided the whole program.